Educational resources about probiotics and their properties.

Webinar: Probiotics—From Choosing to Using in the NICU Population

Only 3 live sessions in July—Dr Arpitha Chiruvolu, FAAP, discusses evidence-based considerations for the routine implementation and selection process of using probiotics in the NICU.

Evidence Supporting Probiotics in the NICU Video

In this video, Dr Jeffrey Loughead, FAAP, explains the factors influencing infant microbiota and studies of probiotics’ beneficial effects upon dysbiosis and feeding intolerance.

Benefits of Probiotics in the NICU Video—Recommendations by ESPGHAN and AGA

Dr Jeffrey Loughead, FAAP, shares conditional recommendations in preterm, low-birth-weight infants—combinations including specific strains of Lactobacillus and Bifidobacterium.

Implementing a Probiotics Feeding Protocol

In this video, Dr Jeffrey Loughead, MD, FAAP, shares his experience from developing a probiotic program and protocol in the NICU.

Understanding Probiotics and Their Different MOA in Infant Microbiome

In this 21-minute podcast episode, Adam Baker, PhD, and Karyn Wulf, MD, MPH, discuss the modes of action for various probiotic strains, and how Chr. Hansen’s scientists research and identify the best probiotic strains for the developing infant microbiome.

Probiotics Podcast Series

In this six-episode podcast series, Adam Baker, PhD, Karyn Wulf, MD, MPH, and a handful of special guests discuss Chr. Hansen-produced probiotics, their demonstrated modes of action, the differences among various strains, safety and quality in manufacturing, and how they can be used in the NICU setting.