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Pediatric ProConnect gives registered healthcare professionals quick and easy access to: 
  • Science-based nutrition resources and clinical research  
  • Detailed nutrient profiles and real-time product information 
  • Patient education and valuable resources  
  • Send samples* directly to your patients with ease

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* Similac® requests may be either a product sample (shipped) or a digital coupon sent to the parent/caregiver of your patient. The product sample will be provided at no cost to your patient. The sample is not for re-sale or distribution and cannot be billed to the third party. PediaSure® requests will be a product sample shipped directly to your patient's address. Abbott Nutrition will pay for the samples and all shipping costs. 

† In order to send samples, sign up for site access. You will be required to provide your National Provider Identifier (NPI) number or permission of a healthcare professional with a valid NPI number.