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Pediatric ProConnect gives healthcare professionals quick and easy access to:

  • Science-based nutrition resources and clinical research  
  • Detailed nutrient profiles and real-time product information 
  • Patient education and valuable resources

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“As a NICU CNS, it is very important to me to be able to share resources with my colleagues that I find that are evidence-based, easy to navigate, and clinically relevant. Pediatric ProConnect is all 3. The reason why is because they engaged clinicians at every phase of development of the site. I was one of those clinicians. They listened to our suggestions, made the changes, and then came back to make sure the changes met our expectations. I am excited to see this site in use and proud that I had a small part in the development of it.”

- Neonatal Nurse Practitioner (Paid Advisory Board Participant)

“Pediatric ProConnect is a great web portal to gain evidence-based information about infant and pediatric nutrition. It is easy to navigate and can be a good resource for parents as well.”

- Pediatrician (Paid Advisory Board Participant)

“It’s about time to have such a great resource available for both families and professionals. The material available is evidence-based and yet presented in a simple, straightforward manner. Registration process is a breeze; it is very easy to navigate and find the information you need. I highly recommend this website…Abbott has done it again!”

- Neonatologist (Paid Advisory Board Participant)

“I found this site easy to navigate and full of evidence-based information about prematurity as well as products specific to the nutritional support of these high-risk newborns.”

- NICU Dietitian (Paid Advisory Board Participant)

Already have an account? Refer a colleague.