What are the benefits of joining Pediatric ProConnect?

    •  Our free pediatric nutrition web portal is developed in collaboration with other healthcare professionals.
    •  Supports pediatric offices and hospitals with easy-to-access clinical research, patient resources, and detailed product information at the point of care.
    •  This web portal benefits pediatric/neonatal healthcare professionals who work with a pediatric practice, family practice, OB-GYN office, or premature infants in hospitals and preterm NICU.
    •  Free clinical/professional education tools and resources to help elevate healthcare professionals' nutrition expertise.

How can I register?

    • Register online or contact an Abbott sales representative to gain exclusive access.

How often will I receive emails?

    • Registered users will receive up to 2 emails per month and can unsubscribe from emails at any time.
    • Email newsletters share the latest content added to Pediatric ProConnect, including science-based nutrition resources, professional education and clinical research, and valuable patient education materials.

How can I refer a colleague?

    • Registered users can send their colleagues a referral email to join Pediatric ProConnect on their “My Account” page when logged in to their account.

How can I reset my password?

    • STEP 1: Click on “FORGOT PASSWORD” on the home page just below the log in button on the right.
    • STEP 2: Enter the account’s email address used for Pediatric ProConnect and hit “RESET PASSWORD.”
    • STEP 3: Check that email’s inbox for a link to reset the password.

Will my personal information be shared?