Food/Cow's Milk Allergy & Feeding Intolerance Clinical Research

Articles and research regarding food/cow's milk allergy and feeding intolerance in infants and toddlers.

Alimentum Clinical Research Study: Growth Tolerance and Compliance

A research study showing that Alimentum, the first and only hypoallergenic extensively hydrolyzed protein infant formula with 2'-FL HMO, was well tolerated by babies and supported normal growth.

Ramirez-Farias C, Baggs GE & Marriage BJ. Nutrients. 2021;13:186.

Double-Blinded, Placebo-Controlled, Food Challenges (DBPCFC) of a Strong-Tasting Food: Lessons Learned

A poster presentation of findings from a double-blind, placebo-controlled, food challenges (DBPCFC) study of hypoallergenic formula in allergic patients.

Borschel M, Burks WA. Double-blind, placebo-controlled, food challenges (DBPCFC) of a strong tasting food: lessons learned. Clinical and Translational Allergy. 2014;4(Suppl 1):P95.

The Jejunal Absorption of Glucose Oligomers in the Absence of Pancreatic Enzymes

A comparison study on the absorption of carbohydrate from solutions of sucrose and glucose oligomers (GO) in the absence of pancreatic secretions.

Kerzner, B., Sloan, H. R., Haase, G., McClung, H. J., & Ailabouni, A. H. (1981). The jejunal absorption of glucose oligomers in the absence of pancreatic enzymes. Pediatric Research, 15 (3), 250–253.

Safety of Casein Hydrolysate Formula In Children With Cow's Milk Allergy

A study of Similac® Alimentum®, a casein hydrolysate infant formula, evaluating if it can be administered safely to children with cow's milk hypersensitivity.

Sampson, H. A., Bernhisel-Broadbent, J., Yang, E., & Scanlon, S. M. (1991). Safety of casein hydrolysate formula in children with cow milk allergy. The Journal of Pediatrics, 118 (4 Pt 1), 520–525.

Hypoallergenicity and Efficacy of an Amino Acid–Based Formula in Children with Cow’s Milk and Multiple Food Hypersensitivities
A feeding study to determine the hypoallergenicity of a pediatric formula by evaluating growth, tolerance, and biochemical response.
Sicherer, S. H., Noone, S. A., Koerner, C. B., Christie, L., Burks, A. W., & Sampson, H. A. (2001). Hypoallergenicity and efficacy of an amino acid-based formula in children with cow's milk and multiple food hypersensitivities. The Journal of Pediatrics, 138(5), 688–693.
Lactose-Free Milk Protein-Based Infant Formula: Impact on Growth and Gastrointestinal Tolerance in Infants

A prospective, blinded, randomized clinical trial in normal-term infants of a lactose-free milk protein-based formula versus a standard commercial lactose containing milk-based formula.

Lasekan, J. B., Jacobs, J., Reisinger, K. S., Montalto, M. B., Frantz, M. P., & Blatter, M. M. (2011). Lactose-free milk protein-based infant formula: impact on growth and gastrointestinal tolerance in infants. Clinical Pediatrics, 50(4), 330–337.

Milk Protein-Based Infant Formula Containing Rice Starch and Low Lactose Reduces Common Regurgitation in Healthy Term Infants: A Randomized, Blinded, and Prospective Trial

A study evaluating growth, gastrointestinal tolerance, and efficacy with the goal of reducing common spit-up in normal, healthy term infants fed a rice starch pre-thickened lactose-free milk protein-based infant formula.

Lasekan, J. B., Linke, H. K., Oliver, J. S., Carver, J. D., Blatter, M. M., Kuchan, M. J., Cramer, J. M., & Pollack, P. F. (2014). Milk protein-based infant formula containing rice starch and low lactose reduces common regurgitation in healthy term infants: a randomized, blinded, and prospective trial. Journal of the American College of Nutrition, 33(2), 136–146.
Efficacy of Soy-Based Formulas in Alleviating Gastrointestinal Symptoms in Infants With Milk-Based Formula Intolerance: A Randomized Clinical Trial

A clinical study assessing gastrointestinal (GI) tolerance in healthy, full-term infants whose pediatricians recommended a formula change due to perceived cow's milk formula intolerance.

Lasekan, J. B., & Baggs, G. E. (2021). Efficacy of Soy-Based Formulas in Alleviating Gastrointestinal Symptoms in Infants With Milk-Based Formula Intolerance: A Randomized Clinical Trial. Clinical Pediatrics, 60(3), 184–192.