Growth & Malnutrition - Kid / Toddler Clinical Research

A collection of articles studying improving growth or malnutrition/undernutrition in kids and toddlers.

Longitudinal Growth and Health Outcomes in Nutritionally At-Risk Children Who Received Long-Term Nutritional Intervention

A long-term supplementation study on nutritionally at-risk children to evaluate the benefits of receiving oral nutritional supplement.

Huynh, D. T., Estorninos, E., Capeding, R. Z., Oliver, J. S., Low, Y. L., & Rosales, F. J. (2015). Longitudinal growth and health outcomes in nutritionally at-risk children who received long-term nutritional intervention. Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics: The Official Journal of the British Dietetic Association28(6), 623–635.

Impact of Long-term Use of Oral Nutritional Supplement on Nutritional Adequacy, Dietary Diversity, Food Intake and Growth of Filipino Preschool Children

This publication analyzes nutrient deficiencies during childhood and their adverse effects on child growth and health, the efficacy of oral nutritional supplementation (ONS) on nutritional adequacy, and dietary counseling on catch-up growth and growth maintenance in nutritionally at-risk Filipino children.

Huynh, D. T., Estorninos, E., Capeding, M. R., Oliver, J. S., Low, Y. L., & Rosales, F. J. (2016). Impact of long-term use of oral nutritional supplement on nutritional adequacy, dietary diversity, food intake and growth of Filipino preschool children. Journal of Nutritional Science5, e20.

Clinical Summary- PediaSure® Supplementation and Dietary Counseling Result in Healthy, Balanced Growth and Increased Diet Diversity for Children Behind in Growth

Three research studies evaluating the effect of oral supplementation (ONS using PediaSure®) on catch-up growth, obesity risks and table food consumption in nutritionally at-risk children.

Clinical Summary-Utilization of Current Diagnostic Indicators to Characterize Pediatric Malnutrition Among US Children

A summary of current diagnostic indicators used to characterize pediatric malnutrition/undernutrition among children in the United States.

Effect of Oral Supplementation on Catch-up Growth in Picky Eaters

A randomized study of children exhibiting picky-eater behavior and evidence of growth faltering who received either nutrition counseling alone, or nutrition counseling plus a nutritional supplement.

Alarcon, P. A., Lin, L. H., Noche, M., Jr, Hernandez, V. C., Cimafranca, L., Lam, W., & Comer, G. M. (2003). Effect of oral supplementation on catch-up growth in picky eaters. Clinical Pediatrics, 42(3), 209–217.
Effect of Nutritional Intervention on Physical Growth in Children at Risk of Malnutrition

A study evaluating the effects of oral nutritional supplementation and dietary counseling on the growth and nutritional status of children at risk for malnutrition.

Fiore, P., Castagnola, E., & Merolla, R. (2002). Effect of nutritional intervention on physical growth in children at risk of malnutrition. International Pediatrics17(3), 179-183.

Utilization of Current Diagnostic Indicators to Characterize Pediatric Undernutrition among US Children

A study examining the prevalence of pediatric undernutrition in the US population using Z-score assessments.

Price, A. A., Williams, J. A., Estes Doetsch, H., Spees, C. K., & Taylor, C. A. (2020). Utilization of Curren t Diagnostic Indicators to Characterize Pediatric Undernutrition among US Children. Nutrients, 12(5), 1409.

Oral Nutritional Supplement in the Treatment of Severe Malnutrition in Pakistani Children

A study using oral nutritional supplement to increase caloric intake and improve Z score results.

Akram, D. S., Bharmal, F. Y., & Hussain, T. (2000). PediaSure in the treatment of severe malnutrition in Pakistani children. JPMA. The Journal of the Pakistan Medical Association, 50(11), 377–380.

Dietary Management of Malnourished Children with a New Enteral Feeding

Growth studies of children recovering from protein-energy malnutrition (PEM) using a concentrated formula and its results.

Morales, E., Craig, L. D., & MacLean, W. C., Jr (1991). Dietary management of malnourished children with a new enteral feeding. Journal of the American Dietetic Association, 91(10), 1233–1238.

Effect of Oral Nutritional Supplementation with or without Synbiotics on Sickness and Catch-up Growth in Preschool Children

A double-blind, randomized study on using synbiotics (a combination of prebiotics and probiotics) as a nutritional supplement for children.

Martin, Federico & Belinchón, Pilar & Martínez-Costa, Cecilia & Perez, Manuel & Caro, Josefa & vasquez-garibay, Edgar & Aranda, José & Pó, Inés & Martínez, Sandra & McCue, Maggie & Alarcón, Pedro & Comer, Gail. (2002). Effect of Oral Nutritional Supplementation with or without Synbiotics on Sickness and Catch-up Growth in Preschool Children. International Pediatrics. 17.