Formulas Featuring Dual-Immune Blend of 2'-FL HMO & Nucleotides

Similac With 2'-FL HMO Was Associated With Reduced Reports of Respiratory Infections

Clinical Outcomes More Like the Breastfed Infant

Closes Multiple Immune Gaps

2'-FL HMO helps support the immune system by closing multiple gaps in immune function between formula-fed and breastfed infants.1,†

Fewer Respiratory Infections

Only Similac with 2'-FL HMO was shown in a clinical study to support immune cell response to RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) more like the breastfed infant.1,‡

Also, in the same clinical study, parents reported significantly fewer respiratory infections in infants fed Similac with 2'-FL HMO.2,3,ǁ

 Greater Antibody Concentrations

Nucleotides are immune-building nutrients that help increase a baby's ability to make antibodies.4,¶

Less Antibiotic Use

In a survey of Similac® Rewards members, parents reported less antibiotic use in infants fed Similac Pro-Advance than infants fed formulas without HMO.5,#

Lower Reports of Eczema

Reports of eczema were lower in 2'-FL HMO groups and similar to the breast milk group.2,**

Benefits That Matter From Similac

The Similac Difference

The Promise of Our Formulas With 2'-FL HMO Is Clear


Similac Pro-Advance®‡‡

Similac Pro-Sensitive®‡

Similac Pro-Total Comfort®‡‡

Enfamil NeuroPro

Enfamil NeuroPro Gentlease

 2'-FL HMO

Immune-nourishing ingredient


No Prebiotic

Palm oil-free††



Lutein (added), DHA, vitamin E



Unique blend of carbohydrates using two different absorption pathways




% of lactose in total carbohydrate

100% lactose

<2% lactose

<2% lactose

100% lactose

20% lactose

Partially hydrolyzed protein




Better value: Makes 3+ more 6-fl-oz bottles vs Enfamil tub

+3 more§§ +3 moreǁǁ +3 more¶¶    

† As measured by circulatory inflammatory cytokines in a clinical study of Similac Pro-Advance.

‡ Study with Similac with 2'-FL HMO; using cells from infant's blood that were challenged with RSV ex vivo.

§ Formula with 1 g/L 2'-FL HMO was not statistically different from the control formula.

ǁ Similac with 2'-FL HMO compared to control formula without 2'-FL HMO, based on a post hoc analysis of adverse events.

¶ Results from a 12-month, randomized, double-blind, multicenter, parallel-group study of healthy term infants aged 1-7 days. Similac fortified with 72 mg/L nucleotides (n=136) vs control Similac without added nucleotides (n=141).

# 1,058 parents of infants ages 5-12 months primarily fed Similac Pro-Advance or formulas without HMO since birth.

** Based on adverse events.

†† In the form of palm olein oil. 

‡‡ Not for infants or children with galactosemia.

§§ 23.2-oz Similac Pro-Advance vs 20.7-oz Enfamil NeuroPro Infant.

ǁǁ 22.5-oz Similac Pro-Sensitive or Similac Pro-Total Comfort vs 20-oz Enfamil NeuroPro Gentlease.

¶¶ 22.5-oz Similac Pro-Total Comfort vs 20-oz Enfamil NeuroPro Gentlease.

Enfamil NeuroPro and Enfamil NeuroPro Gentlease are not trademarks of Abbott.

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