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When Water Isn't Enough, Consider a Rehydration Solution

Pedialyte® is scientifically designed for fast rehydration across a variety of situations

Consider dehydration* as a possible contributor to symptoms such as:
- Light-Headedness
- Constipation
- Headache
- Fatigue

* Mild to moderate dehydration.

Several factors can result in mild to moderate dehydration:
Diarrhea or vomiting

Pedialyte® is scientifically designed according to expert recommendations for oral rehydration1

Formulated with a specific balance of glucose and sodium for fast rehydration

SGLT1 (Sodium-Glucose Linked Transporter 1) is a protein found on the cell membrane of intestinal cells that cotransports sodium and glucose into the intestinal brush border membrane.

Glucose or another carbohydrate is needed for active movement of sodium through the small intestine. The sodium leaves the intestinal cell via sodium-potassium pump and enters the bloodstream.

The sodium gradient provides energy to transport glucose into the apical membrane for absorption.

Water follows the osmotic gradient created by sodium and other electrolytes, thereby increasing plasma volume.


Alternative beverages with too much sugar and higher osmolality slow down the hydration process or even result in a net loss of water.1,2


Recent clinical trial data shows that Pedialyte increases plasma volume better than water.3,†

† Plasma volume expansion with Pedialyte over 2h was more than twice the expansion with water in a randomized, crossover study with 14 healthy adults.

Pedialyte® is clinically shown to hydrate longer than water3

References: 1. Kleinman RE, ed. Pediatric Nutrition Handbook. 8th ed. Elk Grove Village, IL: American Academy of Pediatrics; 2019:815-827. 2. Leiper JB. Nutr Rev. 2015;73(Suppl 2):57-72. 3. Study ANAM2103. Abbott Nutrition Data on file, 2023.



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