A New WebNova™ has Arrived

We are excited to announce that Abbott has vastly improved WebNova after more than a decade of support to our hospital partners!

Not only will you have access to the newly streamlined WebNova platform, but you will also now have access to Pediatric ProConnect, the nutrition support web portal.

What You Need to Know

  • Existing feedings and information in your WebNova account were automatically redirected to the updated platform
    • Any information entered into WebNova after 1/15/2024 was not transferred to the new platform
  • Use your current WebNova log-in at PediatricProConnect.com to access science-based resources and the new WebNova platform
  • Now available on desktop, tablets, and mobile devices

Accessing WebNova

1. Use your Pediatric ProConnect log-in credentials at PediatricProConnect.com to access WebNova. Your WebNova log-in credentials will be the same as your Pediatric ProConnect log-in credentials.
2. Select the WebNova tab in the top navigation menu once logged in.
3. Review the pop-up disclaimer and click "Agree" if applicable. Note that WebNova will only be accessible to those who agree to the terms.

Helpful Tip: Bookmark/Favorite the Pediatric ProConnect log-in page for easy access in the future

Contact Support

If you are having trouble accessing your account, please reach out to us at support@pediatricproconnect.com or https://www.pediatricproconnect.com/contact-us.html

Platform Improvements & Features

Customize Feedings

Create and store feeding mixes for you and your team

My Favorites List

Favorite select feedings to create a personalized My Favorites list

Browse Feedings

Access all feedings created by your WebNova hospital team

Compare Nutrient Profiles

Compare feedings to other feedings or references and export into a PDF

Individualized Dashboard

For quick creation, storage, and sharing of feedings across your WebNova team

Abbott Nutrition Products

WebNova now communicates Abbott product updates

Add Other Nutrition Products

Add and save a product's nutrition information directly into WebNova

Improved Session Time-Outs

Log-out times have been improved to up to 3 hours for active sessions

Available on All Devices

Access WebNova on tablets, desktops, and mobile devices

Pediatric ProConnect

Exclusive access to a vast library of nutrition resources

Pediatric ProConnect

PediatricProConnect.com is a nutrition web portal with science-based resources to help elevate your pediatric nutrition expertise. Log in for access to a variety of free clinical resources, patient education materials, and more!


Support your nutrition expertise with science-based nutrition resources


Learn through easy-to-find clinical research articles


Connect with your patients using valuable education materials

Popular Content–Top-Viewed Resources by Your Peers

Clinical Research

Easy Access to Science-Based Nutrition Tools
Study on the growth, tolerance, and compliance of infants fed an extensively hydrolyzed formula with 2'-FL HMO.

Nutrition Resources

Detailed Resources and Profiles With Supporting Data, Product Information & Valuable Tools
Explore helpful information like the Similac® Human Milk Fortifier nutrient profile.

Patient Resources

Extensive Tools & Materials to Support Your Patients
Get resources to help support patients and caregivers with breastfeeding information, bottle-feeding, and back-to-work tips.



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