PediaSure SideKicks®  

1 in 10 US kids* don’t meet Recommended Dietary Allowance for protein.1,†

40% More Protein

25% Fewer Calories

Recommend PediaSure SideKicks to help kids catch up on growth with protein and key nutrients.

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PediaSure Grow & Gain® with Immune Support||

helps kids catch up on growth

2 PediaSure Grow & Gain per day help kids gain weight in just 8 weeks

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PediaSure SideKicks

Helps kids who aren’t getting enough protein

2 PediaSure SideKicks per day provide 40% of the daily value for protein#

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Recommend 2 PediaSure per day.

Reference: 1. Data on file. April 2018. Abbott Nutrition, Columbus, Ohio.

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* Data applies to children aged 2 to 13.

† The RDA for protein for kids aged 2-13 is 13-34g of protein.

‡ Than PediaSure Grow & Gain. PediaSure SideKicks - 10g protein and 180 calories per 8 fl oz; PediaSure Grow & Gain – 7g protein and 240 calories per 8 fl oz.

§ Vitamins C & E and selenium.

|| In children ages 3-4 at nutritional risk (5th-25th weight-for-height percentiles), when given 2 servings per day and dietary counseling.

¶ Based on a 2000 calorie diet. Two PediaSure SideKicks provide 20g of protein.

# Nutrients include protein, vitamins A & D, zinc, and antioxidants (vitamins C & E and selenium).